We are dressed in green… Always!

vimark and environment

Every year we care and strive to achieve certain environmental goals. Our environmental policy is the natural consequence of the commitment we make every year. Environmental protection, conservation, environmental awareness are the objectives, not simply words but real actions. Accepting ecology as an integral part of the business does not just mean having an important advantage on the market, but means listening to customer demands, satisfying the demands, and above all qualifying our products.

For this reason the use of energy generated from renewable sources is one of the steps made by Vimark in recent years towards a clean and safe energy supply. The present global energy demand is likely to be unsustainable soon. Using renewable sources is possible, correct, and an effective countermeasure that Vimark assumes to meet part of its energy needs.

Some data about the past year: The production of electricity by the solar power system was 63% of the company’s total need, increasing by one percentage the figure of the previous year. Of this energy we consumed more than 60%, equal to 38% of the entire annual total requirement.

Vimark and environment

The photovoltaic cells installed allow a reduction of the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere of about 260 tonnes per year. If we consider that a large tree absorbs about 1.5 tonnes of CO2 during growth for 50 years, or 0.03 tonnes per year, we can say that the reduction of our emissions can be compared to a forest of about 8700 large trees.

Not only solar power but products with high energy efficiency that can contribute when applied to both  improve living comfort, and increase the energy and thermal performance of the building. This is why we are also participating in a European research and development project called WALL-ACE with the aim of developing an important package of new and advanced products and systems for the thermal insulation of buildings. These highly efficient materials are created thanks to the synergy of the different partners of the project consortium, via the combination of high performance, sustainability and advanced nanotechnology based on silica aerogel and on products with a high energy efficiency.