Research & development

Vimark is committed to scientific-applied research and to the creation of technological innovations for the building industry targeted on optimizing and automating the processes, on developing products to add to its already extensive range and on improving its industrial production methods.

A far-sighted outlook, but with the awareness of what happens each day in the building site, have encouraged Vimark to work towards facilitating the general processes of the building world by taking advantage of the research conducted by its in-house laboratories alongside the control and development processes entrusted to the best certified analysis centres in both Italy and abroad.

Vimark workshops are equipped with an advanced department of useful instruments, for constant improvement of its products, as well as providing technical support to the problems submitted by customers. The use of high performance and consistent raw materials together with respect of the requirements dictated by the regulations allow Vimark to achieve an excellent technological and scientific development. To guarantee high quality technical functions and an excellent final performance, the materials are inspected in accordance with the strictest process standard controls.

The research into new materials conducted by Vimark over the past few years has been especially dedicated to environmental respect, with the development of products dedicated to sustainable building and restoration work for preservation of the world’s architectural heritage. All this is achieved with respect of the Earth’s ecosystem using natural products containing only raw materials that have been classified and produced with traditional methods.

Thanks to recent research into binders with photocatalytic action, Vimark manufactures a series of light-activated materials that drastically reduce pollutants and harmful substances present in the atmosphere through the natural action of sunlight.

Research projects

Wall-ACE, WALL Insulation NOvel Nanomaterials Efficient systems »

HIPIN, HIgh Performance Insulation based on Nanostructure encapsulation of air »