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Waterproofing cementitious mortar FLEXO TWO

Elastic waterproofing cementitious two-component mortar

Waterproofing cementitious mortar FLEXO TWO

FLEXO TWO is an elastic cementitious two-component mortar for waterproofing concrete surfaces, plasters, screeds and cement-based substrates, ceramic and marble. With high adhesion to substrates, good flexibility and excellent workability: it is suitable for the waterproof protection of baths, showers, terraces, balconies, tubs, swimming pools, canals, before laying ceramic tiles, natural stone or glass mosaics. It can also be used to protect surfaces that come into contact with seawater and in all cases where there is presence of de-icing salt. The product is flexible even at very low temperatures (-20°C), ensuring the waterproofing of treated surfaces and is compatible with cement-based adhesives and coatings for subsequent layers.

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Amounts required

  • 1,4 kg per m2 per mm of thickness


    • A+B 20 kg (15 kg bag + 5 kg plastic can)


  • Grey


  • EN 14891


  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Terrace, balcony


  • Manual

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