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Fastener COVER.FIX PN8

Hammer set fastener with fiber-reinforced plastic nail

  • Fastener COVER.FIX PN8

COVER.FIX PN8 is a fastener with hammer set nail for mechanically fixing of plates of thermal-insulation expanded polystyrene systems (EPS), mineral wool (MW), light wood wool boards, polyurethane boards, light recycled boards, wool fiber boards. The fastener allows quick wall installation, with few hammer taps. The compression area in the shaft allows the plate to be precisely recalled in the insulation. The fixing does not create thermal bridge thanks to the reinforced plastic nail. The innovative design of the cap and the special geometry of the plastic nail give the cap safe gripping also in solid building materials, while the asymmetrical expansion element ensures safe gripping also in perforated building materials or on unknown substrates. ETA certified product, recommended for the anchoring of ETICS systems on any type of substrate.

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Amounts required

  • -


    • 100 pieces per box


  • Grey


  • ETA


  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Façade


  • Manual

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