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Release agent DISTACCANTE

Coloured release agent for decorative stamped concrete flooring

Release agent DISTACCANTE

DISTACCANTE is a powdered release agent that is water-repellent and coloured, specific for decorative stamped flooring. The product enhances the texture and facilitates stamp tool separation from fresh and previously dusted concrete. DISTACCANTE adds variegated colour to the imprint, and can increase the perceived depth of stamp patterns. The product is applied with the dry-shake method on freshly cast concrete with STAMPOCEM, distributing manually the anhydrous product and repeating if needed. DISTACCANTE is the second step in preparing a decorative stamped concrete flooring.

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Amounts required

  • 0,125-0,150 kg per m2


    • 7,5 kg tub



  • External
  • Floor


  • Manual

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