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Reinforcement mortar INIETTO FINE

Reinforcement injection mortar based on natural hydraulic lime

Reinforcement mortar INIETTO FINE

INIETTO is a special mortar with a natural hydraulic lime Wasselonne NHL 2 base, with controlled shrinkage designed for reinforcement injecting and filling masonry cavities. The specific technical formula helps to re-balance the physical and mechanical performance of old detached plaster and to restore damaged walls, arches, vaults, columns, tuff rock or natural stone. The slow hardening of natural hydraulic binder ensures, together with the high fluidity and adhesion to substrates, a uniform coverage to all the holes and gaps in the wall structure. The hardened product has a low modulus of dynamic elasticity and good vapour permeability.
Size of the cavity to be filled: Fine (< 100 μm)

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Amounts required

  • 1.3 kg per dm3 of cavity to fill


    • 20 kg bag


  • Beige


  • EN 998-2


  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling


  • Manual

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