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Photocatalytic mineral hardener QUARZOCEM ECOARIA

Highly photocatalytic quartz based mineral hardener for industrial flooring

Photocatalytic mineral hardener QUARZOCEM ECOARIA

QUARZOCEM ECOARIA is a highly photocatalytic quartz based mineral hardener designed for protection and surface finish of industrial floors. Suitable for its high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance for both internal and external industrial flooring subject to a medium / heavy and arduous traffic.
The product is applied by dry -shake method on freshly cast and level concrete, distributing the anhydrous product in one or more layers, manually or by mechanical means. Thanks to the active principle with photocatalytic properties, it helps to improve the quality of the air and to keep the surface of the construction clean. Photocatalysis is a natural phenomenon that modifies the speed of a chemical reaction through the action of light energy, leading to the formation of strongly oxidizing reagents that are able to decompose the organic and inorganic substances in the atmosphere.
Photocatalysis is thus an accelerator of the oxidation processes that already exists in nature, therefore allowing the pollutants in the environment to decompose more rapidly and preventing them from building up.
QUARZOCEM ECOARIA actively contributes towards reducing atmospheric pollution in cities and to keeping the surfaces of buildings clean over time by eliminating the fine dust, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and sulphur issued by exhaust pipes of vehicles and heating systems. The photocatalytic action is active during rain, solar radiation or indoors with artificial light.

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Amounts required

  • 3-5 kg per m2


    • 25 kg bag


  • On request
  • Grey


  • EN 13813


  • External
  • Floor


  • Manual
  • Mechanical