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Natural hydraulic lime CHAUX DE WASSELONNE

Pure Wasselonne NHL 2 natural hydraulic lime

Natural hydraulic lime CHAUX DE WASSELONNE

CHAUX DE WASSELONNE is a pure natural hydraulic lime NHL 2 certified according to EN 459-1, obtained by baking calcareous marl of Wasselonne (France), with no external elements added to modify the specific natural composition. The pure binder is suitable for the preparation and bagging on site of natural mortar for building walls, extremely breathable ecological plaster, finishing plaster, injection mortar, whitewashing, foundation screeds etc.
For its natural colour and characteristics, it is particularly suitable for work on historical and artistic buildings or for green buildings.

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Amounts required

  • Depending on type of use


    • 25 kg bag


  • Beige


  • EN 459-1


  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Ceiling


  • Manual
  • Mechanical

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