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Fibre reinforced mortar/render MALTA FIBRATA

Mortar ready for masonry and plastering

Fibre reinforced mortar/render MALTA FIBRATA

MALTA FIBRATA is a ready-to-use mortar for the construction of traditional masonry and for interior and outdoor plastering. The masonry can be built with drawn-brick blocks or soft pastes, cement mixes with heavy of lightweight foam aggregates, tuff or natural stone. To lay blocks in thermal bricks, we suggest using MALTA ISOLANTE.

MALTA FIBRATA can be used as plaster on traditional brick walls and on cement and concrete blocks. Its special fibre-reinforced composition combats material shrinkage and the formation of cracks.

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Amounts required

  • Masonry mortar: 15-30 kg per m2 | Render: 18 kg per m2 per cm of thickness


    • 25 kg bag


  • Grey


  • EN 998-2
  • EN 998-1


  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Façade


  • Manual

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