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Mineral stone wool slabs COVER.STONE WOOL 600

Mineral stone wool slabs manufactured with a silicate coating for external wall insulation systems

Mineral stone wool slabs COVER.STONE WOOL 600

COVER.STONE WOOL 600 is a mineral stone wool (MW) slab, primed on one side with smooth edges, specific for thermal and acoustic insulation systems. Slabs are manufactured with a silicate coating on one side for easy installation, eliminating additional preliminary preparations on the panels.

The properties of the mineral stone wool give the panels’ excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, high water vapour permeability and high mechanical resistance. The fibrous mineral structure makes the panel inert, resistant to microorganisms, non-absorbent and waterproof, ensuring dimensional stability over time. Finally, the stone wool provides an efficient fire protection, preventing spreading and improving fire resistance of the building materials on which it is applied.

The product is certified for ETICS use according to the European Technical Directive ETAG 004, suitable for use in both new and existing buildings.

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Amounts required

  • Board sizes: 1000 x 600 mm


    • Thickness available: 40-240 mm



  • ETA
  • EN 13162


  • External
  • Wall


  • Manual

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