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Mineral hardener STAMPOCEM

Quartz based mineral hardener for decorative stamped concrete flooring

Mineral hardener STAMPOCEM

STAMPOCEM is a quartz based mineral hardener designed for protection and surface finish of decorative stamped concrete. Suitable for its high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance for stamped concrete, urban furniture, pavement, etc. subject to a medium/heavy and arduous traffic.
The product is applied using dry-shake method to freshly cast and level concrete, distributing the anhydrous product in one or more layers, either manually or by mechanical means. STAMPOCEM is the first step in preparing a decorative stamped concrete flooring.

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Amounts required

  • 3-5 kg per m2


    • 25 kg tub


  • Collection STAMPOCEM.couleurs


  • EN 13813


  • External
  • Floor


  • Manual
  • Mechanical

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