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Mineral coating ARENINO VK2

Breathable, through coloured, water-repellent mineral topcoat render

Mineral coating ARENINO VK2

ARENINO VK2 is a breathable, through coloured mineral decorating water-repellent topcoat render, for external and internal use. The product allows to protect, smooth and decorate multi coat render/plaster systems, maintaining good breathability of walls. Applied in one or more coats, it can level out from 2 to 8 mm roughness on surfaces. It has a good resistance to weathering and ultra-violet rays.

This product is designed for hand application and mechanical projection by diesel and electric machines as well. It is available in 24 different colours and can be finished sponged or floated. For its characteristics and colouring it is particularly suitable for work on old historical and artistic buildings or for green buildings.

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Amounts required

  • 3-3,5 kg per m2


    • 25 kg bag


  • EN 998-1


  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling


  • Manual

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