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Lightweight masonry mortar MALTA ISOLANTE

Insulating mortar for bricks and block

Lightweight masonry mortar MALTA ISOLANTE

MALTA ISOLANTE is a ready to use light mortar specific for the elevation of internal and external walls with thermal bricks and thermal insulating concrete blocks. A mortar with low thermal conductivity and low modulus of dynamic elasticity giving walls made with thermal insulating blocks, good permeability to water vapour diffusion. For laying blocks, slabs or cellular concrete panels use COLL BLOCK.
MALTA ISOLANTE is classified as Class M5 according to the standard EN 998-2 for its resistance to compression.

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Amounts required

  • 900 kg per m3 of mortar


    • 15 kg bag


  • Grey


  • EN 998-2


  • Internal and external
  • Wall


  • Manual

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