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Interior filler STUCCO PER INTERNI

Skim coat filler for internal surfaces

Interior filler STUCCO PER INTERNI

STUCCO PER INTERNI is a fine, white coating filler for painters and decorators, suitable for stucco work of mineral plaster giving a smooth final effect. The product can also be used to skim coat traditional interior plaster or premixed lime and cement or gypsum based plasters. This product should not be applied to external supports, or on unstable or inconsistent supports, or on supports that have been treated with release agents or water repellents. Do not use in rooms that are constantly damp or on walls that are subject to capillary rising damp.

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Amounts required

  • 1 kg per m2 per mm of thickness


    • 3 kg small bag


  • White


  • EN 13279-1


  • Internal
  • Wall
  • Ceiling


  • Manual

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