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Hydrophobic primer VIMASIL ACQUA

Hydrophobic water-based siloxane primer, water resistant which lotus leaf effect

Hydrophobic primer VIMASIL ACQUA

VIMASIL ACQUA is a water based highly penetrating hydrophobic primer, for surface protection of concrete, bricks, mixed stonewalls, marble, granite, travertine, etc. It has self-cleaning lotus leaf repellent effect to water, dirt, oil, grease, atmospheric pollutants and fumes.

The product penetrates via capillary absorption consolidating and protecting it from cracking due to penetration of rainwater and the disintegrating action of freeze-thaw cycles and other atmospheric agents, maintaining the vapour permeability of the treated surfaces and preventing saline efflorescence with a water repellent action.

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Amounts required

  • 0.15-0.20 litres per m2, according to the absorption of the surface to be treated


    • 5 litres plastic can
    • 10 litres plastic can


  • Transparent white



  • External
  • Wall


  • Airless
  • Air
  • Brush

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