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Decorative paint DECOR.PLUS

Siloxane decorative paint

Decorative paint DECOR.PLUS

DECOR.PLUS is a medium- fine-grained finish based on high performance siloxane binders to protect and decorate both internal and external substrates via brush application. Its particular composition allows to obtain an original aesthetic effect creating an alternation of opaque and rustic, smooth and blended areas, giving the surface a delicate light and dark and slight aesthetic movements. Suitable for decorating surfaces treated and restored with macroporous dehumidifying.
An excellent water repellent and breathable product that guarantees protection and resistance against meteoric aggression, pollutants, ultraviolet rays, bacteria proliferation, abrasions and alkalis. Ideal for new seasoned lime plaster, concrete or gypsum, old plaster, concrete, cement based surfaces, etc. The special organic-mineral formulation makes it particularly suitable for repairing and restoring facades of historical buildings, with mineral or organic paint finishes. DECOR.PLUS finish does not favour the development of mould and algae.
Available in some range of colours as well as the colours from the collections NATURAL, and MINERAL by Vimark.

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Amounts required

  • 0,400-0,500 kg per m2


    • 22 kg tub




  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling


  • Brush

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