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Siloxane based DECOR.PRIMER

Hydrophobic water-based siloxane primer

Siloxane based DECOR.PRIMER

DECOR.PRIMER is a water based highly penetrating hydrophobic primer, for both internal and external use on plasters made up of natural hydraulic lime, lime and cement, concrete, macroporous dehumidifying systems and on all substrates treated with synthetic paints.
The product is suitable for preparing surfaces before treating with siloxane-based coatings.
It can also be used as a water repellent impregnation and primer for concrete, bricks, mixed stonewalls, marble, granite, travertine, etc.
The product penetrates via capillary absorption consolidating and protecting from cracking due to rainwater penetration, disintegration caused by freeze-thaw cycles and other atmospheric agents, maintaining the vapour permeability of the treated surfaces and preventing saline efflorescence with a water repellent action.

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Amounts required

  • 0,06-0,08 L per m2


    • 5 L plastic can


  • Transparent white



  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling


  • Brush
  • Airless
  • Air

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