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Consolidating primer CONSOLIDANTE PIETRA

Ethyl-silicate based consolidating primer for the restoration of construction materials

Consolidating primer CONSOLIDANTE PIETRA

CONSOLIDANTE PIETRA is a single-component liquid formulation based on ethyl-silicate for the consolidation and restoration of construction materials. A solution with excellent permeability to water vapour diffusion and high capillary penetration, suitable for absorbent building materials, natural stone, bricks, terracotta, degraded and crumbling plaster and stucco, frescoes, etc.
The neutral catalyst promotes the reaction between ethyl silicate and water from atmospheric humidity or the moisture in the capillary pores of building materials to form a glass-like silica gel binder, while the ethanol by product evaporates.
The product penetrates the substrate via capillary absorption consolidating and protecting from cracking due to rainwater penetration and the disruptive action of freeze-thaw cycles and weathering.

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Amounts required

  • The amount of product needed for the consolidation depends on the type of building material


    • 20 litres tin drums


  • Transparent



  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Ceiling


  • Airless
  • Brush

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