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Anti-condensation paint THERMO PITTURA

Anti-condensation paint for the restoration of walls with mould, fungus and damp

Anti-condensation paint THERMO PITTURA

THERMO PITTURA is a sanitizing, heat insulating anti-condensation paint, based on special spherical insulating charges for the correction of thermal bridges in homes. Its application allows to restore internal walls with proliferation of bacteria and formation of unsightly mould, helping to maintain a healthy home environment. The product contributes to the optimization of energy efficiency in buildings thanks to its insulating and breathable properties. It allows for a fast and efficient restoration of deteriorated inner walls without significant inconvenience to the inhabitants.
Its application allows you to reduce heat loss of walls, to correct any existing light thermal bridges, to increase surface temperature of treated walls thus inhibiting the formation of surface condensation.

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Amounts required

  • 0,250-0,300 litres per m2 per coat


    • 5 litres tub


  • White



  • Ceiling
  • Internal
  • Wall


  • Brush
  • Roller

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