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Adhesion primer MICROGRIP

Adhesion promoting single component resin based universal primer

Adhesion primer MICROGRIP

MICROGRIP is a ready-to-use single-component primer to promote and improve adhesion of plaster, skim coats, repair mortars, etc. on concrete, wood, metal, plaster, insulating panels, bricks, aerated concrete blocks or ceramics.
Suitable for increasing and improving the adhesion of tile coatings and adhesives on smooth surfaces, non-absorbent, ceramic flooring, tiles and natural stone. This product evens the absorption of water and allows the formation of a rough surface grip that ensures an optimum adhesion to the products.

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Amounts required

  • 0,300 kg per m2


    • 5 kg tub
    • 20 kg tub


  • Grey



  • Floor
  • Internal and external
  • Wall


  • Airless
  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Stiff bristle brush

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