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Acrylic undercoat COLOR.FONDO

Acrylic primer undercoat

Acrylic undercoat COLOR.FONDO

COLOR.FONDO is an acrylic primer fibre-reinforced undercoat to unify substrate absorption before treating with synthetic paints or coatings, for both exterior and interior surfaces. Its formula and good filling capacity enable the product to mask micro surface cracks by preventing, within reasonable limits, their return, greatly reducing filling interventions. The excellent workability combined with good surface adhesion make it ideal for any types of wall such as new render, old render, concrete, cement based surfaces, surfaces finished with non-degraded synthetic or mineral products, insulation systems, plasterboard etc.

Available in a wide range of colours as well as the colours from the collections NATURAL, MINERAL and PREMIUM colours by Vimark.

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Amounts required

  • 0,3 kg per m2 per coat


    • 23 kg tub




  • Internal and external
  • Wall
  • Ceiling


  • Brush
  • Roller

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