Each day, Vimark deals with the challenges and opportunities that the market imposes, demands and presents by conducting research to achieve innovation, analysing the market and striving for competitiveness at all levels.

The goal is to provide our customers with easy to use, high-performance products that comply with the varied requirements of the building trade.
Challenges such as these need fast, spot-on decisions achieved thanks to an excellent technical backup service, trained in logistic-planning, sales and application phases and by constant contact with the users.

The corporate strategy is planned according to a decisional process that begins by collecting information, which is then analysed and processed. This allows us to plan our actions in the right way. It means that we are always up to date and able to propose new solutions and application methods to our customers.

Vimark considers it vitally important to have an organization able to harmonize its processes and the wealth of ensuing information, and keeping everything under control.
We are firmly convinced that the corporate processes can only be controlled properly by precisely defining and distributing the relative responsibilities at all levels and by a correct use of the resources (personnel, technology, infrastructures, financial means, know-how and methodologies).
Analysis of the results is of vital importance, as it allows us to examine our processes and pursue the strategy of continual improvement.

Our suppliers are fully involved in our Quality goals since the Quality of the supplies is an essential part of Corporate Quality.