azienda-natura-vimarkWe believe that in taking an ecological path with concrete actions such as efficiency standards, certificates, recycling and green energy, offers us the opportunity to answer the question of environmental protection, as well as market requests.

Accepting ecology as an integral part of our business is not just about having a major advantage on the market, but it is about meeting and satisfying demands, and above all supplying quality products.

The mission and the business management of Vimark are linked to the environmental policy that shows the feelings of people that are part of the company and Vimark itself.

To improve the existing environmental impact we need industrial biotechnology, capable of providing useful chemicals from natural and renewable resources, with a view to obtaining degradable waste at the end of the products life-cycle, that is harmless or reusable.
For this reason, each company activity is directed to be in keeping with environmental protection, workers health and safety, product supply and high quality services.

Environmental sustainability indeed can’t concern only technology and process design, it needs a complete and systemic approach.

Environmetal objectives

  • Rationalized and efficient use of energetic resources and raw materials.
  • Use of clean process and technologies that optimize material and energetic flows.
  • Definition of industrial long-term strategies that include a special attention to environmental sustainability of the whole company.
  • Attention to the integration of the new plants in the landscape and in the local territory, trying to improve the existing ones.
  • Increasing improvement of technologies and know-how, by sharing the reached results.
  • Training of workers (both internal and external) according to environmentally friendly behaviour and practices.
  • Reducing waste quantity per product unit.
  • Improving the amount of waste collection.
  • Reducing the risk of powder formation in the different activities and in storing.

Green energy

The use of energy from renewable resources is one of the main step done by Vimark toward a more sustainable energy supply. If the global energetic demand will still increase as in the past recent years, it will become soon unsustainable for our Planet. 

The use of renewable resources is a possible, correct and efficient countermeasure, that Vimark adopted to satisfy part of its energy requirements. 

The Sun is a pure and natural resource that provides our Planet an amount of energy 15.000 times higher than that consumed by the world’s population. For using this energetic potential, Vimark installed a photovoltaic plants that allows to reduce both the economic and environmental impact of energy supply. Furthermore, the clean energy production noticeably reduces the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, in full accordance with Kyoto Protocol. 

azienda-ambiente_13 Vimark built an high efficiency PV plant with a nominal power of 482.04 kW, on an area of about 4,000 sq. m, and perfectly integrated on the roof of the industrial sheds, so to reduce the impact on landscape. 

The PV system, operant since the end of October 2011, produces very year 490,000 kWh of electrical energy.
The photovoltaic cells installed enable a reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere of about 260 tons per year and meet over 62% of company global energy requirement.

Moreover, the self-production reduces the energy transmission that disperses a 6% of energy production for every 100 kilometres, with a benefit for all network users.